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Renewme Skin Clinic employs 20 professional dermatologists.
We offer foreign doctors an opportunity to learn the Korean medical system,
from advanced technologies and skills to clinic management systems and services.

SubTitle : Renewme Clinic Introduction
Image Description : dermatology doctor training
The most experienced
We employ 20 dermatology specialists who come from prestigious Korean medical schools and have had 4 years of prior training.
Image Description : Laser threatments
World’s highest quality laser equipments
Approved by the FDA. Includes Ulthera, Themage, Eximer.Tens of thousands of clinic experiences.
Image Description : Using world best laser equipment
Regular medical seminars and
introduction to new medical technologies
Renewme Skin Clinic dermatologistsdoctors open regular medical seminars and apply new medical technologies
Image Description : For skin disease cure to plastic surgery
Comprehensive services from
skin disease treatment to cosmetic surgery
Services range from treating conditions such as leukoplakia and psoriasis to cosmetic procedures such as fat graft, hair transplant, and facial thread lifting.
Image Description : symbol of renewme dermatology network
Image Description : Staff medical training
Medical services standardization
Medical standardization system for equal quality medical services from all Renewme Clinic branches
Image Description : 15 male or female dermatology doctors
Choice of Male/Female dermatology doctors
Renewme Skin Clinic work with 20 dermatology special doctors Patients are able to choose male or female doctors
Image Description : 7 locations in Korea
7 Renewme Clinic branches in Korea
Renewme Skin Clinic has 7 branches in Korea, all conveniently located close to subway station exits.
Image Description : More than 100 thounsand patients treated
One hundred thousand patients treated per year
Renewme Skin Clinics are most famous dermatology clinics in Korea Every year more than one hundred thousand patients are treated at Renewme Skin Clinic