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Renewme Skin Clinic employs 20 professional dermatologists.
We offer foreign doctors an opportunity to learn the Korean medical system,
from advanced technologies and skills to clinic management systems and services.

SubTitle : Renewme Clinic Introduction
re+rew+美 new born Beauty
Renewme Beauty

Renewme offers personalized beauty care for all patients. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Using our excellent medical equipments and technology, the best doctors and staff work to improve confidence and patient satisfaction.
Customer-centered mind

Patients are Renewme’s top priority. We stand in your shoes, share your concerns, and always place your beauty and satisfaction first.
Image Description : Symbol & Concept
Image Description : Symbol & Concept
The logo image of Renewme Skin Clinic seeks to symbolize “newly born beauty.”using the noble colors of gold and black to express an urban and sophisticated Oriental beauty.The aesthetic expression of the Chinese character 美 (beauty) uses simple yet elegant lines to represent the modern beauty our dermatology clinic hopes to achieve.