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Renewme Skin Clinic employs 20 professional dermatologists.
We offer foreign doctors an opportunity to learn the Korean medical system,
from advanced technologies and skills to clinic management systems and services.

SubTitle : Renewme Clinic Introduction
start 2011 vision 2015
The year 2011 marks the birth of true quality management in medical services. Renewme aims for quantitative growth by steadily opening branches with a fresh new mindset, and for qualitative growth by impressing patients with our superior management and services.
01. Enterprise standardized medical services from treatment to management
02. Establishment of medical service valuation basis for all branches
03. Customer management info technology development
Jump up to be a leading dermatology in Asia in 2015 !!

Leading dermatology clinic in Asia by 2015 In addition to simply attracting medical tourists Renewme endeavors to export advanced medical technologies and management systems to Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand by 2014.